What’s Golden Plantain Worth In Adopt Me?

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How To Get A Golden Plantain


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What Is Golden Plantain?


The Golden Plantain’s release date was 9th February 2023 as part of the Rain Weather Map Update. It is a Legendary Food item that is used to tame Amazons during the Rain Weather Map Update.

How To Get Golden Plantain?

The Golden Wheat is available during the Rain Weather Map Update. It is a Gamepass Robux Item. The update returns each month for 36 hours. Players can check the board outside of the Accessory shop (which used to be the hat shop).

Rain Weather Map ON Board

The Golden Plantain is purchasable from the Rain Pet Shop. It is also available from the in-game Robux shop during the update. Players can also obtain the Golden Plantain through trading.

Below is an overview of the Rain Weather Map Update:

Camping Shop Refresh Currency

Pets Available in Camping Shop Refresh 

Items Available in Camping Shop Refresh 

You can also check out the Rain Weather Map Update video below:

Adopt Me Rain Weather Video

How To Use Golden Plantain

Golden Plantain’s only purpose is for taming the Green Amazon, White Amazon and Diamond Amazon.

Adopt Me Amazon Bird For Free

How To Tame An Amazon.

First, enter the Rain Pet Shop and equip the Golden Plantain after buying. The player can now click anywhere on the screen to throw the Golden Plantain.

A few seconds will pass by and then a Green Amazon, White Amazon and Diamond Amazon will interact with the Golden Plantain, consuming it. Once the Amazon has finished eating the Golden Plantain it will then be automatically stored in the player’s Pet Inventory.

How Much Does Golden Plantain Cost?

What are robux in adopt me

Golden Plantain costs 199 Robux.

What Does Golden Plantain Look Like?

Golden Plantain In Journal
Golden Plantain In Journal

The Golden Plantain is a golden banana-shaped item.

It is a single-use item which means it disappears after use and the player no longer has the item.

Adopt Me Golden Plantain Facts

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  • The Golden Plantain joins the other foods that are required to tame pets – Diamond Lavender, Golden Bone, Golden Clam, Golden Goldfish, Leaf, Golden Leaf, Mud Ball, Golden Wheat and Honey.