What’s Are Evil Headphones Worth In Adopt Me?

what is a Evil Headphones worth in adopt me

Here you can discover precisely what are Evil Headphones worth In Adopt Me.

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The Evil Headphones release date was 5th October 2023 and it formed part of Week One of the Halloween Event 2023.

How To Get Evil Headphones?

Evil Headphones worth in adopt me

Evil Headphone’s release came as part of the Halloween Event 2023.

The Evil Headphones is an Uncommon Pet Accessory and was available to buy from the Halloween Asylum Shop.

Evil Headphones are also obtainable through trading.

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How Much Do Evil Headphones Cost?

The Evil Headphones are obtainable for 1,150 candy. The Halloween Event 2023 uses Candy as the currency and it is obtainable by playing mini-games.

Below is an overview of the Halloween Event 2023:

Halloween Event 2023


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Pet Wear During Halloween Event 2023

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Vehicles During Halloween Event 2023

What Do Evil Headphones Look Like?

The Evil Headphones feature a black and red headphone with horns on the top.

When equipped the Evil Headphones are worn on a pet’s head.

Adopt Me Evil Headphones Facts

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  • The Evil Headphones are one of 9 pet accessories released during week one of the Halloween Event 2023.

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