What’s An Igloo House In Adopt Me?

Igloo House In Journal

What’s An Igloo House In Adopt Me? An Igloo House is a house that the player can equip to live in. It is not tradeable but can be sold.

It arrived in the game on 15th December 2022 as part of the Winter Event 2022.

Watch the complete Igloo House Tour in our video:

How Much Does An Igloo House Cost?

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An Igloo House costs 2,999 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does An Igloo House Look Like?

Adopt Me Igloo House

The Igloo House is a light blue circular igloo. It has ice brick details on the outside. There is a small bricked archway as the entrance.

On the outside is a Christmas tree covered in snow along with snowmen and piles of snowballs.

Adopt Me Igloo House Facts

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  • The Igloo House is the second winter-themed house. The first is the Gingerbread House.