What’s An Evil Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me?

whats a evil unicorn worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s an Evil Unicorn worth in Adopt Me:

How To Get An Evil Unicorn

Rarity Of Evil Unicorn

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How To Get An Evil Unicorn

whats an evil unicorn in adopt me

The Evil Unicorn was released as part of the Halloween Update 2019 and cost 108,000 Candy (the currency of the event).

An Evil Unicorn is a Legendary pet and was added to the second part of the Halloween Update 2019. Since the event has ended the only way to obtain an Evil Unicorn is through trading.

What Does An Evil Unicorn Look Like?

Evil Unicorn In Journal
Evil Unicorn In Journal

An Evil Unicorn has a black head, body and four feet. Its mane, horn and tail are all dark red in colour. Its eyes are glowing red and the insides of its ears are light pink.

What Tricks Does An Evil Unicorn Do?

All pets in adopt me perform tricks and the Evil Unicorn is no exception! Here are all the tricks the Evil Unicorn performs, listed in the order in which it learns them.

  • Newborn – Sit
  • Junior – Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen – Bounce
  • Teen – Roll Over
  • Post-Teen – Backflip
  • Full Grown – Dance

Remember to take your Evil Unicorn to Shane the pet trainer in order to teach your pet tricks! He can be located inside the school.

What’s The Appearance of A Neon Evil Unicorn Look Like?

Neon Evil Unicorn In Journal
Neon Evil Unicorn In Journal

The Neon Evil Unicorn’s mane, inner ears, horn and tail all glow bright red.

What Does A Mega Evil Unicorn Look Like?

Mega Evil Unicorn In Journal
Mega Evil Unicorn In Journal

Usually, Mega’s in Adopt Me glow in all different colours similar to a rainbow. The Mega Evil Unicorn however is an exception.

The Mega Evil Unicorn’s mane, inner ears, horn and tail cycle through red, pink and orange.

Adopt Me Evil Unicorn Facts

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  • It’s really hard to tell the difference between the Regular and Neon versions of the Evil Unicorn since they both glow bright red!
  • The Halloween Black Ponycycle is based on the Evil Unicorn.

Adopt Me Evil Unicorn Pictures