What’s An Age-Up Potion Worth In Adopt Me?

Age-up Potion worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s an Age-Up Potion Potion worth In Adopt Me. It was released into the game on 13th July 2023.

How To Get An Age-Up Potion

Rarity Of Age-Up Potion

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How To Get An Age-Up Potion?

The Age-Up Potion is awarded to players when they level up the friendship level with a pet. Players receive one Age-Up potion every time the pet’s friendship level increases. The Age-Up potion increases the pet it is fed to the same equivalent as 30 tasks.

Age-Up Potions can not be traded.

How Much Does An Age-Up Potion Cost?

An Age-Up Potion can not be purchased; players must increase their friendship level with their pets. Every time they level up the friendship bar, they are awarded an Age-Up Potion.

What Does An Age-Up Potion Look Like?

An Age-Up Potion features a glass arrow-shaped bottle containing glowing orange liquid. It has a dark orange bottle lid.

Adopt Me Age-Up Potion Potion Facts

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  • The Age-Up Potion is the 16th Potion to join the game.