What’s A Wrapped Doll Worth In Adopt Me?

Wrapped Doll in adopt me

Here you can discover precisely what’s a Wrapped Doll worth in Adopt Me. The Wrapped Doll was released on 27th July 2023. It left the game on 23rd August 2023.

Cost Of A Wrapped Doll


Rarity Of A Wrapped Doll

Pets A  Wrapped Doll Is Worth

Items A  Wrapped Doll Is Worth

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What Dolls Can You Unwrap?

Pets During Adopt Me Doll Update

How To Get A Wrapped Doll?

Adopt Me Free Wrapped Doll

The Wrapped Doll could be purchased from the stand outside the nursery. It was priced at 900 Bucks (in-game cash)

The Wrapped Doll is a Legendary Egg.

All dolls are Uncommon and there is an equal chance of each one being unwrapped.

What Does A Wrapped Doll Look Like?

The Wrapped Doll features blue wrapping paper with white spots. It is finished with a red bow around the centre.

Adopt Me Wrapped Doll Facts

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  • The Wrapped Doll is the first ever Egg to provide an equal chance at getting the contents!
  • The Wrapped Doll was advertised as being untradeable but Adopt Me changed it on its release.

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