What’s A Wolf Box Worth In Adopt Me?

Wolf Box worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Wolf Box worth in Adopt me. The Wolf Box was released as Part 3 of the Halloween Event 2022 on 20th October 2022. It left the game on 3rd November 2022.

How To Get A Wolf Box


Rarity Of Wolf Box

Pets A Wolf Box Is Worth

Items A Wolf Box Is Worth

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What Pets Could You Obtain From A Wolf Box?

The Wolf Box allows players to obtain three pets:

Pets From A Wolf Box

How Could You Get A Wolf Box?

A Wolf Box was available to buy during the Halloween Event 2022.

Adopt Me Halloween Shop 2022

Players could find the Wolf Box inside the Halloween Shop which was located next to the Vehicle Dealership. A Wolf Box is now only available through trading.

Below is an overview of the Halloween Event 2022:

Halloween Event 2022


Pets During Halloween Event 2022

Items During Halloween Event 2022

You can also check out the Halloween Event 2022 video below:

Adopt Me Halloween Event 2022 Video

How Much Did A Wolf Box Cost?

Whats candy worth in adopt me

A Wolf Box cost 14,000 Candy. Candy was the Halloween Event 2022 currency.

What Does A Wolf Box Look Like?

Wolf Box In Journal
Wolf Box In Journal

The Wolf Box is a dark purple box with dark grey edges. It features several lighter grey chains on the sides and three glowing wolf scratch marks on the top right of the box.

Adopt Me Wolf Box Facts

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  • The Wolves contained inside the box have been referred to as the “Wolf Gang” by the creators of Adopt me.