What’s A Waterfall Hat Worth In Adopt Me?

Teaser Waterfall Hat

Here you can discover precisely what’s a Waterfall Hat worth In Adopt Me.

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The Waterfall Hat’s release date was 9th November 2023 and it forms part of the Gift and Accessory Refresh Update.

How To Get A Waterfall Hat?

Teaser Waterfall Hat

A Waterfall Hat release came as part of the Gift and Accessory Refresh Update.

The Waterfall Hat is a Legendary Pet Accessory and is available from the Regal Chest or Standard Chest.

The Waterfall Hat is also obtainable through trading.

How Much Does A Waterfall Hat Cost?

The Waterfall Hat is obtainable for 300 Bucks (Regal Chest) or 105 Bucks (Standard Chest)

Below is an overview of the Gift and Accessory Refresh Update:

November 2023 Accessory Chest


November 2023 Gifts


What Does A Waterfall Hat Look Like?

The Waterfall Hat features brown cliffs with green grass on top. Between the cliffs is a blue waterfall.

When equipped the Waterfall Hat is worn on a pet’s head.

Adopt Me Waterfall Hat Facts

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