What’s A Toyshop House In Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Toyshop House

What’s A Toyshop House In Adopt Me? A Toyshop House is a house that the player can equip to live in. It is not tradeable but can be sold.

It arrived in the game on 21st September 2023 as part of the Hanger Building Update. With it came the Kiwi and Red Scarf.

How Much Does A Toyshop House Cost?

What are robux in adopt me

A Toyshop House costs 500 Robux.

What Does A Toyshop House Look Like?

The exterior of the Toyshop House is tan-coloured with red and blue awning. It has a present on each of its steeples.

Adopt Me Toyshop Facts

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  • The Toyshop House was released with Adopt Me’s first-ever moving furniture.

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