What’s a Shadow Dragon Worth In Adopt me?

Whats a shadow dragon worth

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Shadow Dragon Worth.

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How To Get A Shadow Dragon

Whats a shadow dragon worth

Unfortunately, a Shadow Dragon is now only available through trading.

The Shadow Dragon was only available during the 2019 Halloween Event. It could be purchased using Robux. It cost 1,000 Robux to buy.

At the time, it was available to buy from the candy shop, which was situated near the old graveyard. It could be found near the small tombstones along with other pets that could be purchased during the event.

The other pets that could be obtained at the same time were the Evil Unicorn, Zombie Buffalo and the Bat Dragon.

What Does A Shadow Dragon Look Like?

A Shadow Dragon is long, thin and looks almost skeletal in appearance. Its body, head and tail are all completely black. It has horns, a tongue, wings and spikes sticking out of its backbone and ribs.

At night both the tongue and ribs glow at night time.

What Tricks Does A Shadow Dragon Do?

All pets in adopt me perform tricks and the Shadow Dragon is no exception! Here are all the tricks the Shadow Dragon performs, listed in the order in which it learns them.

  • Newborn – Sit
  • Junior – Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen – Joy
  • Teen – Jump
  • Post-Teen – Dive
  • Full Grown – Shadow Breath

Remember to take your Shadow Dragon to Shane the pet trainer in order to teach your pet tricks! He can be located inside the school.

What’s The Appearance of A Neon Shadow Dragon Look Like?

A Neon Shadow Dragon keeps its mainly black appearance. Its horns, backbone and the inside of its wings glow bright white! Players have often commented that the white is more purplish-white when viewed at night time.

The Neon Shadow Dragon’s breath is also more noticeable than its regular counterpart.

What Does A Mega Shadow Dragon Look Like?

As with all mega’s in Adopt Me, the mega Shadow Dragon will glow all different colours similar to a rainbow!

The Mega Shadow Dragon’s horns, backbone and the inside of its wings will cycle through all the colours of the rainbow.

Shadow Dragon Facts

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  • Only the Shadow Dragon and Frost Dragon have the exclusive “breath” tricks! The Shadow Dragon has the exclusive “Shadow Breath” whilst the Frost Dragon has “Frost Breath”
  • The Shadow Dragon was originally intended to be available permanently in Adopt Me. However, due to confusion around its availability, there was a lot of fallout on Twitter. The Shadow Dragon then became a limited pet at the request of the Adopt Me community.
  • During the 2019 Halloween event – only the Shadow Dragon required Robux to purchase it.
  • Currently, there is high demand for a Shadow Dragon so ensure if you have one you are aware of What a Shadow Dragon is Worth.

Adopt Me Shadow Dragon Pictures

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