What’s A Scarecrow Box Worth In Adopt Me?

Scarecrow Box worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Scarecrow Box worth in Adopt Me. The Scarecrow Box was released as part of Week Three of the Halloween Event 2023.

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What Pets Can You Obtain From A Scarecrow Box?

The Scarecrow Box allows players to obtain three pets:

Pets From A Scarecrow Box 

How Can You Get A Scarecrow Box?

A Scarecrow Box is available to buy during the Halloween Event 2023.

Adopt Me Asylum Shop

Players can find the Scarecrow Box inside the Asylum. A Scarecrow Box is also available through trading.

Below is an overview of the Halloween Event 2023:

Halloween Event 2023


Pets During Halloween Event 2023

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Pet Wear During Halloween Event 2023

Strollers During Halloween Event 2023

Vehicles During Halloween Event 2023

You can also check out our videos of the Halloween Event 2023:

How Much Does A Scarecrow Box Cost?

Adopt Me Candy Currency

A Scarecrow Box costs 18,000 Candy. Candy is the Halloween Event 2023 currency.

What Does A Scarecrow Box Look Like?

The Scarecrow Box is a brown chest with a tan saddle and black saddle stitched together to create the lid.

Adopt Me Scarecrow Box Facts

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  • The Scarecrow Box is the most expensive pet box to date.
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