What’s A Safari House In Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Safari House

What’s A Safari House In Adopt Me? A Safari House is a house that the player can equip to live in. It is not tradeable but can be sold.

It arrived in the game on 20th July 2023 as part of the Safari Zone update.

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How Much Does A Safari House Cost?

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A Safari House costs 2100 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does A Safari House Look Like?

Safari House Adopt Me

The exterior of the Safari House is a sandy fenced area surrounded by a wooden fence and beams. In the middle is a stone pit fire with wooden logs around to sit on. There are flames and smoke bellowing from the centre.

The Safari house appears to resemble a savanna home with wooden planks on the walls and the floor.

Adopt Me Safari House Facts

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  • The Safari House brought with it a new furniture pack.