What’s A Royal Desert Egg Worth In Adopt Me?

Royal Desert Egg in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Royal Desert Egg worth in Adopt Me!

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What Pets Can You Hatch From A Royal Desert Egg?

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How To Get A Royal Desert Egg?

The Royal Desert Egg was only available through playing the event Spinx’s Solution. In this event, players were required to find 12 statues and place them on the correct pedestal before the event ended.

The Royal Desert Egg is now only available through trade.

Below are the pet rarity chances:

  • Legendary – 8%
  • Ultra Rare – 30%
  • Rare – 37%
  • Uncommon – 25%
  • Common – 0%

What Does A Royal Desert Egg Look Like?

The Royal Desert Egg features a Desert Egg wearing a Nemes on its head.

What Egg Came Before The Royal Desert Egg in Adopt Me?

whats an Urban Egg in adopt me

The Urban Egg came before the Royal Desert Egg.

What Egg Came After The Royal Desert Egg in Adopt Me?

whats a Desert Egg Egg in adopt me

The Desert Egg was released after the Royal Desert Egg

Adopt Me Royal Desert Egg Facts

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  • The Royal Desert Egg contains the same pets as the Desert Egg but with higher chances of hatching rarer pets.

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