What’s A Racetrack House In Adopt Me?

Racetrack House In Adopt Me

What’s A Racetrack House In Adopt Me? A Racetrack House is a house that the player can equip to live in. It is not tradeable but can be sold.

It arrived in the game on 11th August 2023 as part of the Race Track update.

Watch the Race Track Update Video:

Racetrack House In Adopt Me

How Much Does A Racetrack House Cost?

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A Safari House costs 2,200 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does A Racetrack House Look Like?


The exterior of the Racetrack house in Adopt Me is a black tyre with a section of racetrack forming its path. There are checkered flags on either side of the door along with red and white kerbs.

Adopt Me RacetrackHouse Facts

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  • The Racetrack House, Mountain House and Sandbox Island are the only houses the new race track furniture items can be placed in.