What’s A Pony Box Worth In Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Pony Box

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Pony Box worth in Adopt me. The Pony Box was released as Week Two of the Winter Event 2022. on 8th December 2022. It left the game on 5th January 2023.

How To Get A Pony Box


Rarity Of Pony Box

Pets A Pony Box Is Worth

Items A Pony Box Is Worth

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What Pets Can You Obtain From A Pony Box?

The Pony Box allows players to obtain three pets:

Pets From A Pony Box

How Could You Get A Pony Box?

A Pony Box was available to buy during the Winter Event 2022.

Winter Castle In Adopt Me
Winter Castle In Adopt Me

Players could find the Pony Box inside the Winter Castle.Since the Winter Event 2022 has ended, A Pony Box is only available through trading.

Below is an overview of the Winter Event 2022.:

Lunar New Year 2023


Pets During Lunar New Year 2023.

Items During Lunar New Year 2023

You can also check out of video of the Week Two of the Winter Event 2022:

Adopt Me Winter Event Week Two

How Much Did A Pony Box Cost?

What Are Gingerbread in Adopt Me

A Pony Box cost 14,000 Gingerbread. Gingerbread was the Winter Event 2022 currency.

What Does A Pony Box Look Like?

Pony Box In Journal
Pony Box In Journal

The Pony Box is a brown pony saddle attached to a brown chest. There is some beige pony hair protruding from one side. There is a black strap attaching the saddle to the chest.

Adopt Me Pony Box Facts

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  • The Pony Box does not contain any Common or Uncommon pets. This is also true of the Wolf Box.