What’s A Molten Melon Worth In Adopt Me?

Molten Melon worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Molten Melon worth in Adopt Me. The Molten Melon joined the game on 9th September 2023 as part of the Fire Dimension Update.

How To Get A Molten Melon

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What Is A Molten Melon?

A Molten Melon is a Rare food item that’s uneatable. It could only be used as an ingredient during the Fire Dimension update. Combining six of them during the event crafted Flaming Zebra Bait.

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How Could You Get A Molten Melon?

Players could obtain a Molten Melon by throwing a Campfire Cookie. There was a 25% chance of getting a Molten Melon.

Below is an overview of the Fire Dimension Update:

Pets Released From Fire Dimension Update Update

Items Released From Fire Dimension Update Update

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How Much Did A Molten Melon Cost?

A Magma Mango was free but required the player to collect it by throwing Campfire Cookies.

What Does A Molten Melon Look Like?

A Molten Melon features orange-yellow flesh with red seeds. The Rind of the melon is black.

Adopt Me Molten Melon Facts

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