What’s A Gold Star Worth In Adopt Me?

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Gold Star worth In Adopt Me.

How To Get A Gold Star

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The Gold Star’s release date was 16th March 2023 as part of the Gorilla Fairground Update.

How To Get A Gold Star?

Gold Star worth in adopt me

The Gold Star’s release was part of the Gorilla Fairground Update. The update started on 16th March 2023 and ends 30th March 2023.

The Gold Star plus Rolling Pin, Sais and Golden Gobletare all obtained from opening the Gorilla Box and Premium Gorilla Box. They are all ingredients that are used to change a regular Gorilla into a different type of Gorilla pet.

Gorilla Fairground Adopt Me

Exchanging three Gold Stars and a Gorilla will give the player an Astronaut Gorilla. The Gorilla and Gold Stars will be removed from the player’s inventory.

Below is an overview of the Gorilla Fairground Update

Gorilla Fairground Update


Pets During Gorilla Fairground Update

Boxes During Gorilla Fairground Update

Ingredients During Gorilla Fairground Update

Pet Wear During Gorilla Fairground Update

Items During Gorilla Fairground Update

Here are the ingredient list items:

Gorilla Type

Pet Required

3 Ingredients Required

Box Type Required

You can also check out our video of the update to explore the new fairground tent:

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How Much Does A Gold Star Cost?

adopt me what are bucks
What are robux in adopt me

The Gold Star can be obtained by opening Gorilla Boxes which cost Adopt Me Bucks or Premium Gorilla Boxes which cost Robux.

What Does A Gold Star Look Like?

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The Gold Star is a star-coloured gold.

Adopt Me Gold Star Facts

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  • The Gold Star is one of four ingredients that can be obtained during the event.