What’s A Dylan Doll Worth In Adopt Me?

what is a Dylan doll in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Dylan Doll worth in Adopt Me:

How To Get A Dylan Doll

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How To Get A Dylan Doll

Dylan doll in adopt me

The Dylan Doll joined the game on 27th July 2023 as part of the Adopt A Doll Update. It left the game on 23rd August 2023. A Dylan Doll is obtainable by hatching a Wrapped Doll.

A Dylan Doll is an Uncommon Doll and there is a 33.3% of obtaining it.

Players can now only obtain the Dylan Doll through trading.

Check out our video of the Doll Update!

Adopt Me Doll Update Video

What Does A Dylan Doll Look Like?

A Dylan Doll is a yellow doll with an orange hard hat, light blue top, dark blue trousers, an orange construction vest and black shoes.

The Dylan Doll has two black eyes and a black smile.

What Tricks Can Dolls Do?

All pets in Adopt Me perform tricks however Doll’s are currently unable to learn and perform tricks.

Neon And Mega Neon Doll Information

Dolls do not have the option to level up. This means no Neon or Mega dolls are available.

Adopt Me Dylan Doll Facts

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  • The Dylan Doll was released along with Pinocchio and River.
  • The Dolls were advertised as being untradeable but Adopt Me changed it on its release.