What’s A Diamond Albatross Worth In Adopt Me?

whats a diamond albatross worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s A Diamond Albatross Worth in Adopt Me:

How To Get a Diamond Albatross

Rarity Of Diamond Albatross

Pets a Diamond Albatross is worth

Items a Diamond Albatross is worth

Diamond Albatross Versions

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How To Get A Diamond Albatross


A Diamond Albatross is available during the Snow Weather Map Update. To obtain A Diamond Albatross, a Golden Clam must first be purchased. There is then a 2.5% chance of obtaining a Diamond Albatross.

The Diamond Albatross will be available on the 28th of each month when the Snow Weather Map Update returns for 36 hours. Players can check the board outside of the Accessory shop (which used to be the hat shop). Players can also obtain the Gold Albatross through trading.

During the Snow Weather Map Update, the Diamond Albatross and Golden Clam are available to buy from the Igloo shop which is located opposite the playground on the frozen lake. The Diamond Albatross is available to buy along with other pets and items that are available to buy during the event.

The other pets that can be obtained at the same time are the Ribbon Seal, Albatross and the Golden Albatross.

What Does A Diamond Albatross Look Like?

diamond albatross in journal
Diamond Albatross in Journal

A Diamond Albatross has a blue body. Its long wings have a golden feathery edging around them. There is also gold on the tip of its tail plus its eyeliner.

It has two black beady eyes on its face and a bright orange beak.

What Tricks Does A Diamond Albatross do?

All pets in adopt me perform tricks and the Diamond Albatross is no exception! Here are all the tricks the Diamond Albatross performs, listed in the order in which it learns them.

  • Newborn – Sit
  • Junior – Joyful
  • Pre-Teen – Beg
  • Teen – Jump
  • Post-Teen – Trick 1
  • Full Grown – Trick 2

Remember to take your Diamond Albatross to Shane the pet trainer in order to teach your pet tricks! He can be located inside the school.

What’s The Appearance of A Neon Diamond Albatross Look Like?

neon diamond albatross in journal
Neon Diamond Albatross in Journal

A Neon Diamond Albatross keeps its beady eyes, black beak and blue body.

Its wings, tip of tail and eyeliner all glow white.

What Does A Mega Diamond Albatross Look Like?

mega diamond albatross in journal
Mega Diamond Albatross in Journal

As with all mega’s in Adopt Me, the Mega Diamond Albatross will glow in all different colours similar to a rainbow!

The Mega Diamond Albratross’s inside wing and tip of tail glow in all the colours of the rainbow.

Diamond Albatross Facts

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  • All three of the Albatrosses can be obtained using the Gold Clam in the Snow Weather Map Update.

Adopt Me Diamond Albatross Pictures

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