What’s A Desert Egg Worth In Adopt Me?

Desert Egg in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Desert Egg worth in Adopt Me!

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What Pets Can You Hatch From A Desert Egg?

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How To Get A Desert Egg?

The Desert Egg will be purchased from the gumball machine in the nursery. It costs 750 Bucks (in-game cash)

Players can also obtain a Desert Egg through trading.

Below are the pet rarity chances:

  • Legendary – 4%
  • Ultra Rare – 16%
  • Rare – 20%
  • Uncommon – 25%
  • Common – 35%

What Does A Desert Egg Look Like?

The Desert Egg features a green cactus with pink flowers on top.

What Egg Came Before The Desert Egg in Adopt Me?

whats a Royal Desert Egg Egg in adopt me

The Royal Desert Egg came before the Desert Egg.

What Egg Came After The Desert Egg in Adopt Me?

The Desert Egg is the newest Egg.

Adopt Me Desert Egg Facts

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  • Adopt Me released the Royal Desert Egg during the event – Sphinx’s Solution. This egg allows players to get Legendary pets from the egg at higher odds.

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