What’s A Danger Egg Worth In Adopt Me?

whats a Danger Egg worth in adopt me
Danger Egg worth in adopt me

Here you can discover precisely what’s a Danger Egg worth in Adopt Me. The Danger Egg joined the game on 8th June 2023. It left the game on 24th August 2023.

Cost Of A Danger Egg


Rarity Of A Danger Egg

Pets A Danger Egg Is Worth

Items A Danger Egg Is Worth

You can also use our Trade Checker to discover more about what’s a Danger Egg worth in Adopt Me.

What Pets Can You Hatch From A Danger Egg?

Pets From A Danger Egg


Blue Ringed Octopus

Poison Dart Frog


Borhyaena Gigantica

Angler Fish



How To Get A Danger Egg?

Danger Egg In Gumbball Machine
Danger Egg In Gumball Machine

The Danger Egg filled the gumball machine in the nursery. It was priced at 750 Bucks (in-game cash)

Players can now only obtain a Danger Egg through trading.

Below are the pet rarity chances:

  • Legendary – 5%
  • Ultra Rare – 20%
  • Rare – 34%
  • Uncommon – 19%
  • Common – 22%

What Does A Danger Egg Look Like?

The Danger Egg is a purple-blue ombre colour with spikes surrounding it.

What Egg Came Before The Danger Egg in Adopt Me?

whats a Southeast Asia Egg worth in adopt me

The Southeast Asia Egg came before the Danger Egg. It was only in-game for 14 weeks before being replaced.

What Egg Came After The Danger Egg in Adopt Me?

whats an Urban Egg in adopt me

The Urban Egg came after the Danger Egg.

Adopt Me Danger Egg Facts

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  • The Danger Egg image was leaked several weeks before it was officially announced.

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