What’s A Cupid’s Coupe Worth In Adopt Me?

What's a Cupids Coupe worth in adopt me

Here you can discover precisely what’s a Cupid’s Coupe worth In Adopt Me.

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The Cupid’s Coupe’s release date was 18th January 2024. It was released during the Sphinx’s Solution Event but is not related to the event.

How To Get A Cupid’s Coupe?

Cupids Coupe worth in adopt me

The Cupid’s Coupe is part of the Mega Car Pack gamepass. The bundle also contains the Regal Roller and Street Drifter. This new bundle is displayed in the Neighbourhood.

The Cupid’s Coupe is a Legendary vehicle and the bundle costs 800 Robux. The Cupid’s Coupe is also available through trading.

How Much Does A Cupid’s Coupe Cost?

What are robux in adopt me

The Cupid’s Coupe is part of a bundle. The bundle costs 800 Robux.

What Does A Cupid’s Coupe Look Like?

The Cupid’s Coupe features a pink car adorned with yellow. There is a red heart on the front and inside the wheels.

When equipped the player drives the vehicle from the front.

Adopt Me Mega Car Pack Bundle

Adopt Me Cupid’s Coupe Facts

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  • The Cupid’s Coupe has a Valentine’s Theme.

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