What’s A Cinnamon Roll Worth In Adopt Me?

Cinnamon Roll worth in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Cinnamon Roll worth In Adopt Me. The Cinnamon Roll was released on 11th August 2022 as part of the Fall Weather Map Update.

Cost Of A Cinnamon Roll


Rarity Type

Pets The Cinnamon Roll Is Worth

Currently None

Items The Cinnamon Roll Is Worth

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How To Get A Cinnamon Roll?

A Cinnamon Roll is available during the Fall Weather Map Update. The update returns each month for 36 hours. Players can check the board outside of the Accessory shop (which used to be the hat shop).

Adopt Me when is the fall update
The Fall Leaf shows when the next Fall Weather Map Update will occur.

Players can find the Cinnamon Roll inside the Fall Shop which is located next to the Hot Springs when the Fall Weather Map Update is taking place. The Cinnamon Roll can also be obtained through trading.

Below is an overview of the Fall Weather Map Update:

Fall Map Update 


Pets During Fall Map Update

Items During Fall Map Update

You can also check out the Fall Weather Map Update video below:

How Much Does A Cinnamon Roll Cost?

adopt me what are bucks

A Cinnamon Roll costs 3 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does A Cinnamon Roll Look Like?

Cinnamon Roll In Journal
Knafeh In Journal

A Cinnamon Roll is a light brown circle shape and decorated with white icing on the top.

When equipped the Cinnamon Roll can be eaten by the player or fed to their pet/baby. It takes one “bite” to fully consume.

Cinnamon Roll Facts

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  • The Cinnamon Roll is based on a Northern Europe dessert of the same name.
  • The Cinnamon Roll is one of two foods that are available during the Fall Weather Map Update. The other is the Golden Wheat.