What’s A Chew Ball Worth In Adopt Me?

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How To Get The Chew Ball?


The Chew Ball’s release was part of the gifts rotation. A variety of items are available through opening Gifts. There is frequent rotation of the items in the Gifts and this rotation often sees items leave the game.

The Chew Ball is a Common toy and is no longer available through opening Gifts. The Chew Ball is now only obtainable through trading.

How Much Did The Chew Ball Cost?

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At the time the Chew Ball was obtainable by opening any of the Gifts therefore the cost depends on which gift the player opened to obtain it. from. The Small Gift costs 70 Adopt Me Bucks, the Big Gift costs 199 Adopt Me Bucks and the Massive Gift costs 499 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does A Chew Ball Look Like?

Chew Ball In Journal
Chew Ball In Journal

The Chew Ball is a ball made up of multicoloured bands.

To Use, equip the Chew Ball and press the screen. A player’s pet will hold the toy in its mouth.

Adopt Me Chew Ball Facts

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  • The Chew Ball looks like it is made up of two balls!