What’s A Campfire Cookie In Adopt Me?

Campfire Cookie in adopt me

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Campfire Cookie In Adopt Me. The Campfire Cookie joined the game on 9th September 2023 as part of the Fire Dimension Update.

What Is A Campfire Cookie?

The Campfire Cookie’s function changed on the 14th September 2023. During the Fire Dimension Update, the Campfire Cookie’s creation required players to find ingredients from the Fire Dimension and add them to a pot.

The function changed on 14th September 2023 when the Fire Dimension left the game. Instead the Campfire Cookie, now acts as bait in a Lure Trap. Upon purchasing a Lure Trap, players receive an infinite number of Campfire Cookie’s. One cookie can be placed in Lure Trap and after 4 hours, the player will receive either a pet, pet accessory, Age-Up Potion, Paint Sealer or Bucks. Below are the chances of obtaining:

A Campfire Cookie is a food item that’s unbeatable.

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How Can You Get A Campfire Cookie?

Prior to 14th September 2023, Players can obtain a Campfire Cookie by combining fire dimension ingredients in a cauldron.

After that date, players obtain unlimited Campfire Cookies after purchasing a Lure Trap.

Below is an overview of the Fire Dimension Update:

Pets Released From Fire Dimension Update Update

Items Released From Fire Dimension Update Update

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How To Use A Campfire Cookie

During the Fire Dimension Update throwing a Campfire Cookie gives the following rewards:

On throwing the 5th Campfire Cookie, Players receive an Ash Zebra Bait. There is only 1 allowed per account and it can be used to obtain an Ash Zebra.

Since the event has ended, the Campfire Cookie is placed inside a Lure Trap and used as bait to attract any of the following:

How Much Does A Campfire Cookie Cost?

A Campfire Cookie is free.

What Does A Campfire Cookie Look Like?

A Campfire Cookie features four brown cookies with red and yellow flame icing. They are presented on a grey plate.

It is a single-use item which means it disappears after use and the player no longer has the item.

Adopt Me Campfire Cookie Facts

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