What’s A Bat Dragon Worth In Adopt me?

Whats a bat dragon worth

Here you can discover exactly what’s a Bat Dragon worth in Adopt Me!

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How To Get A Bat Dragon


The Bat Dragon was available during the 2019 Halloween Event. It could be purchased using candy that was obtained during the event. It cost 180,000 candy. You could purchase candy with Robux and it would have cost 500 Robux to buy.

During the 2019 Halloween Event, it was available to buy from the candy shop, which was situated near the old graveyard. It could be found near the small tombstones along with other pets that could be purchased during the event.

Unfortunately, a Bat Dragon is now only available through trading.

The other pets that could be obtained at the same time were the Evil Unicorn, Zombie Buffalo and the Shadow Dragon.

What Does A Bat Dragon Look Like?

A Bat Dragon has a solid light brown body with black and red coloured wings. Its face has two black bead-like eyes and bat-like ears. The Bat Dragon has two orange horns on its head.

Along the spine of the Bat Dragons are orange spikes.

What Tricks Does A Bat Dragon do?

All pets in adopt me perform tricks and the Bat Dragon is no exception! Here are all the tricks the Bat Dragon performs, listed in the order in which it learns them.

  • Newborn – Sit
  • Junior – Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen – Joy
  • Teen – Jump
  • Post-Teen – Twirl Around
  • Full Grown – Triple Flip

Remember to take your Bat Dragon to Shane the pet trainer in order to teach your pet tricks! He can be located inside the school.

What’s The Appearance of A Neon Bat Dragon Look Like?

A Neon Bat Dragon has light orange horns and a nose. Its wings and the tip of the tail are a darker orange.

What Does A Mega Bat Dragon Look Like?

Most of the mega’s in Adopt Me cycle through all the colours of the rainbow. The Mega Bat Dragon however does not.

Its horns, nose, tail and wings cycle through the following colours: lavender, turquoise and magenta.

Bat Dragon Facts

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  • The Bat Dragon was added during the second part of the 2019 Halloween Event along with the Evil Unicorn.
  • Costing 180,000 candy makes the Bat Dragon the most expensive pet that could be bought with candy during the event.
  • The Bat Dragon was the third dragon released in-game. The Dragon was first followed by the Shadow Dragon.
  • The idle animation of the Bat Dragon is similar to the Cerberus.

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