What’s A Bat Dragon Sticker Worth In Adopt Me?

Here you can discover precisely whats a Bat Dragon Sticker worth In Adopt Me.

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How To Get A Bat Dragon Sticker?

bat dragon sticker Worth in adopt me

A Bat Dragon Sticker’s release forms part of the Players Profiles Update and was released on 19th April 2024.

The Bat Dragon Sticker is a Legendary Sticker and is obtained by opening a Premium Sticker Pack. The Premium Sticker Pack costs 50 Robux.

A Bat Dragon Sticker is also available through trading.

How Much Does A Bat Dragon Sticker Cost?

The Bat Dragon Sticker is obtainable by opening the Premium Sticker Pack which costs 50 Robux.

Below is all the stickers obtainable from the Premium Sticker Pack






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What Does A Bat Dragon Sticker Look Like?

The Bat Dragon Sticker features a Bat Dragon drawn in a cartoon style.

The Bat Dragon Sticker can be added to a player’s profile.

Adopt Me Bat Dragon Sticker Facts

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