What’s A Banana Stroller Worth In Adopt Me?

whats a Banana Stroller worth in adopt me

Here you can discover precisely what’s a Banana Stroller worth In Adopt Me.

How To Get The Shopping Cart Stroller

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How To Get The Banana Stroller


The Banana Stroller was obtainable by opening gifts. It is no longer obtainable by opening gifts.

The Banana Stroller is a Rare stroller and is now only obtainable through trading.

How Much Does The Banana Stroller Cost?

adopt me what are bucks

The Banana Stroller price differed depending upon which gift you opened to obtain it. A Small Gift costs 70 Adopt Me Bucks, A Big Gift costs 199 Adopt Me Bucks and a Massive Gift costs 499 Adopt Me Bucks.

What Does The Banana Stroller Look Like?

Banana Stroller In Journal
Banana Stroller In Journal

The Banana Stroller features a yellow banana with a yellow and black handle. It has black wheels.

When equipped, a baby or pet can sit inside and be pushed.

Adopt Me Banana Stroller Facts

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  • The chances of obtaining a Banana Stroller from Gifts were: a 7.5% chance from a Small Gift, 20% chance from a Big Gift and from 55% chance Massive Gift.