Adopt Me Sphinx Solution Event – Everything You Need To Know!

The Adopt Me Sphinx Solution Event was released on 18th January 2024. The event lasted for 2 weeks and ended on 1st February 2024.

Adopt Me Sphinx Solution

During the Sphinx Solution Event players could explore a new Desert area of the map and interact with a huge Sphinx. The purpose of the event was for players to match statues of pets to the correct pedestal. Each statue is a pet that appeared is in the Desert Egg.

whats a Royal Desert Egg Egg in adopt me

Players were able to match two statues per day. Once all 12 statues were matched, a secret area was unlocked at the base of the Sphinx. Inside this secret area is where players received the Royal Desert Egg.

The Royal Desert Egg allows a higher chance of rarer pets to be hatched.

Check out our videos of where to find and place statues:

Where Did It Take Place?

The event took place behind the Pet Shop.

Adopt Me Sphinx Solution Event Facts

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  • Players could receive the Royal Desert Egg for free from this event.

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