Adopt Me Scottish Pets 2023 – Everything You Need To Know!

Adopt Me Scottish Pets

The Adopt Me Scottish Pets 2023 took place between 5th January 2023 and ended 12th January 2023. The event saw the release of two new Scottish-themed pets – the Highland Cow and the Nessie.

The event only lasted for one week and consisted of just two pets. The only way to obtain these pets now since the event has ended is through trading.

Scottish Pets 2023 Currency

Pets Scottish Pets 2023

How Could You Buy Items?

adopt me what are bucks

The currency for the update was Adopt Me Bucks and Robux.

Where Could You Buy Items?

Adopt Me Scottish Pets

All items during the event could be bought from just outside the nursery where there is a stand for the new pets. There was no NPC for this event.

What Pets Could You Buy During Scottish Pets 2023?

The Update brought just two limited-edition pets to the game! Click on them to learn more!

whats a Nessie worth adopt me
whats a Highland Cow worth adopt me

The Nessie cost 500 Robux and the Highland Cow cost 2000 Adopt Me Bucks

What Items Could You Buy During Scottish Pets 2023?

No items were available during the update.

Adopt Me Scottish Pets 2023 Facts

Play Roblox
how to get robux for free
  • The Highland Cow is known as the “gentle giant” of Scotland! Whereas the Nessie is based on the Loch Ness Monster!

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