Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024 – Everything You Need To Know!

The Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024 starts on 8th February and lasts for 2 weeks.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024

The event has a new currency known as Yakgwa which can be collected through mini-game participation and the daily activity known as Kite Release.

Lunar New Year 2024


Pets During Lunar New Year 2024.

Items During Lunar New Year 2024

Special Lunar New Gift Box

Lunar New Gift Box

Silk Bag

Dragonster Car

Check out our video of the Lunar New Year 2024 below:

How Can You Get Yakgwa?

Adopt Me Free Yakgwa

To obtain Yakgwa, players could purchase them with Robux or earn them through playing the mini-game or by releasing Kites.

What Are the Activities During The Event?

There are two ways to earn Yakgwa:

Release Kites

Kite Release Adopt Me

Players can release six kites per day and earn 150 Yakgwa per kite. This means players can earn 900 Yakgwa per day.

Red Lantern Green Lantern

Red Lantern Green Lantern Adopt Me

Players are required to carry as many bowls of rice cake soup as they can without getting caught by the statue. Move when the light is green and stop when it turns red. Players can earn a max of 3,200 Yakgwa per game.

Silk Bags

During the event, players can gift other players 1,000 Bucks by purchasing a Silk Bag. The bag itself costs 50 Bucks so it costs 1,050 Bucks in total.

How Could You Buy Items?

What are robux in adopt me
adopt me what are bucks

The currency for the Lunar New Year 2024 is Yakgwa, Robux and Bucks.

Adopt Me Free Yakgwa

Yakgwa are also purchasable using Robux.

Where Can You Buy Items?

Lunar New Year Adopt Me

All items during the event are purchasable from the new Lunar New Year area. This is found next to the Accessory Shop in the Themed Area.

What Pets Can You Buy During Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024?

The event brings 4 new pets to the game:

What Items Can You Buy During Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024?

The event brings several new items to the game:

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2024 Facts:

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how to get robux for free
  • The Lunar New Year 2024 focused on Korean New Year.

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