Adopt Me Jungle Zone- Everything You Need To Know!

The Adopt Me Jungle Zone started on 3rd August 2023 and ended 31st August 2023. It lasted 4 weeks. The Jungle Zone took place in the newly created Themed Area. It was the second of many planned themed events.

Adopt Me Jungle Zone

The Adopt Me Jungle Zone brought six new pets to the game. Since the event has ended, the only way to obtain these pets is through trading.

Adopt Me Jungle Zone Currency

Pets During Adopt Me Jungle Zone

Check out our video of the update to see the new Jungle Zone!

Adopt Me Jungle Zone Everything is Changing in THIS update - What you need to know!

How Could You Buy Items?

What are robux in adopt me
adopt me what are bucks

Pets and items were purchasable using Adopt Me Bucks and Robux.

Where Could You Buy Items?

Adopt Me Jungle Theme Pets

All items during the themed event were purchasable from the Themed Area. It is located next to the Accessory Shop on Adoption Island.

What Pets Could You Buy During The Jungle Zone?

The Jungle Zone brings six new pets:

Pets During Adopt Me Jungle Zone

What Items Could You Buy From The Jungle Zone?

During the event, no items were available to buy from the Jungle Zone.

Adopt Me Jungle Zone Facts

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  • This was the second themed zone to be released in the Themed Area. The First was the Safari Zone.
  • On the same day as the Jungle Zone release a HUGE update was also released including new jobs and a Supermarket!

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