Adopt Me Easter Event 2023 – Everything You Need To Know!

The Adopt Me Easter Event 2023 will be released on April 6th as part of the Spring Festival. All Easter 2023 items and pets will be available to purchase from the Spring Festival shop. The currency for the event is Eggs.

Adopt Me Spring Festival 2023 Week 3

Easter Event 2023 Currency

Pets During Easter Event  2023

Items During

Easter Event 2023

Easter Event 2023 Adopt Me

How Can You Get Eggs?

Adopt Me Free Eggs

To obtain Eggs, players can purchase them with Robux or earn them through mini-games.

What Are the Activities During The Event?

The Easter update brings one new mini-game to the Spring Festival 2023’s mini-game selection – The Easter Egg Hunt! Players must discover eggs hidden around the map. The player receives a pop-up notification to inform them when the hunt is beginning! There are also two mini-games players can participate in as part of the Spring Festival 2023:

Fashion Fever (Week One)

Adopt Me Fashion Famous

The Fashion Fever mini-game allows players to dress up their pets and vote on other players’ pet outfits. The game generates a theme for players to dress their pets in. The number of eggs awarded differs due to the number of players taking part.

Furniture Frenzy (Week Two)

Adopt Me Furniture Frenzy

This mini-game consists of players being split into teams. They then have to fill in the missing pieces of furniture about a specific theme.

How Can You Buy Items?

What are robux in adopt me
Adopt Me Free Eggs

The currency for the Spring Festival and this event is Eggs. Participating in events allows players to earn eggs. Every time players participate in event activities, they earn Eggs.

Eggs are also purchasable through Robux:

Spring Festival Eggs for free

Where Can You Buy Items?

Adopt Me Spring 2023 Festival Shop Easter Event 2023

All items during the event can be bought from the Spring Festival shop which is located outside the Strollers shop. The NPC for the event is a giant egg with glasses called Eggburt and he can be located outside the nursery.

What Pets Can You Buy During The Event?

The Easter Event 2023 brings new pets to the game.

What Items Can You Buy During The Easter Event 2023?

This event brings many limited-edition items to the game:

Adopt Me Easter Event 2023 Facts

Play Roblox Easter Event 2023
how to get robux for free Easter Event 2023
  • This is the fifth Easter Event however it is the first time it has been combined with the Spring Festival.

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