adopt me is this trade fair

What is Adopt Me?

Adopt me is a multiplayer, online game available to play on Roblox. It was developed by Uplift Games. Adopt me was originally created for users to role-play as parents and children. It was now been developed further to focus on adopting, raising and trading pets!

This Adopt Me Trading Website

This website has been created to assist players to get good “fair” trades. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to ensure that items are traded fairly on the game itself so this website has been created to combat this.

We hope that when players are trading on Adopt Me, they will use our adopt me trade checker to ensure they get a fair trade.

adopt me is this trade fair

Adopt Me Trading Values

No official adopt me trading value list exists to date. The values used within this website have been determined by researching past and current trades within the game. We also have a team of long term Adopt Me players who regularly play the game and trade.

The values are not 100% accurate since pet and items value fluctuate regularly. This is due to updates, in-game events, demand and overall popularity.

adopt me trading

In the future, we would love to evolve into having a trading platform available on this site. This would also allow us to have up to the minute trading value information, helping us to further refine our trading value data.

The trading values used on this site are updated daily and whilst aren’t 100% accurate, they will assist your trading.

Our Mission

To create an Adopt Me Trade Checker that is relevant, up to date and easy to use.

*Please Note – We are an independent website that has no official ties to RobloxAdopt Me or Uplift Games. We are fans of the game who have created this website for the fans of Adopt Me*