A Beginners Guide: How To Make A Mega Neon Pet In Adopt Me

Mastering the skill of how to make a Mega Neon pet in Adopt Me is a challenging but worthwhile task. There are countless reasons why so many players in Adopt Me not only make Mega Neons but also why they are so highly sought after in trading.

What Is A Mega Neon Pet?

Adopt Me Guide To Making A Mega Neon Pet

A Mega Neon Pet is a pet that has certain parts of its body glowing in multiple ranges of colours, the most common being cycling through all the colours of the rainbow. Each pet’s body parts that glow are unique to its species and can not be chosen by the player.

Mega Neon pets are all Full Grown once created and do not require ageing up.

Once a pet has been turned into a Mega Neon, the process is irreversible.

How Do You Make One?

Adopt Me Neon Cave

In order to make a Mega Neon pet in Adopt Me, players require four Luminious (full-grown) Neon versions of that pet. That means players need 16 full-grown regular pets in order to create a Mega Neon. For example, in order to make a Mega Neon Zodiac Chick, the player is required to have four Neon Zodiac Chicks that have reached Luminious as their ageing level. The ageing levels for Neons are as follows:

  • Reborn
  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Flare
  • Sunshine
  • Luminous

Whilst the ageing levels for regular pets are:

Adopt Me Level a pet up fast
  • Newborn – (starting level for pets when hatched/purchased)
  • Junior
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Post-Teen
  • Full Grown

Pets age up by players completing the tasks that they ask for. Once the player has four Luminious pets of the same kind, they then take them into the cave which is located under the main bridge.

The player places each Luminious pet of the same species onto the platforms and their “souls” combine to create one Mega Neon pet. Players can not reverse the Mega Neon once it’s made.

Why Make A Mega Neon Pet?

Mega bat dragon in journal

Mega Neon pets are extremely valuable when trading. The rarer the pet, the greater the Mega Neon value. A player can increase their inventory and stock it with better pets when trading a Mega Neon compared to any other type of pet. It also allows players to “trade up” for better pets that are rare by combining four Neon pets that are fairly common.

How To Make A Mega Neon Pet Fast!

Adopt Me Mega Neon Pet Update

Taking the time to level up pets to Luminious can be fairly lengthy. The higher the rarity, the longer the levelling-up process takes. More tasks are required to age up Ultra Rares and Legendary than are required to age up Commons and Uncommons.

A faster way is to trade the same species of pets for already created Neon pets and then trade them for higher ageing-level pets. Most players will accept a lower-level pet for a full-grown or Luminious if some extra pets or items are also added. Use our Trade Calculator to check your trade before you seek out players willing to trade. This way you can be certain that you are always receiving the fairest trades.